For companies with a minimum of 50 employees

Our aim is to make LeanMail a resounding success within your organization, ensuring that it meets your needs and expectations. To facilitate this, we've developed a roadmap that not only allows for effective scaling but also offers the opportunity to train an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS FOR FREE, provided the roadmap steps are followed. We also understand the importance of minimizing risk, which is why we've included flexible options that cater to your specific requirements and comfort level.

Zero Risk: 'No Cure, No Pay', with Optional Training Insurance

For complete peace of mind, you have the option to safeguard your training investment with our exclusive training insurance. With this added layer of protection, you can proceed with confidence, knowing there's no risk involved if a participant chooses not to continue.

Our 'No Cure, No Pay' policy ensures that you only pay for the training when you see results. In the unlikely event that a participant decides not to continue, you won't be left with any financial burden. To enjoy this added benefit, you can opt for our training insurance, which includes a nominal 20% surcharge.

Learn more about our 'No Cure, No Pay' policy and the benefits of training insurance. With LeanMail, your investment is not just risk-free — it's also worry-free.

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How our unlimited free training works

An example of a rollout involving 114 participants, with more than half attending for free.

Fast-track Your Success And Get Free Training

Get the best deal (FREE!) by following our roadmap.

This roadmap ensures that you benefit from consistently introducing people to LeanMail and allows you to stop at any time. Simply pay for the last group of participants while receiving training for all the previous groups for free.

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Prefer to train on demand? You can train your teams risk free.

Learn about our "no cure, no pay" training option here.

1. Pre-Pilot Evaluation (6 or more participants) Click to learn more
  • Individuals or groups of at least six can access comprehensive training. You have two options: halt here and settle the payment, OR choose to continue by enrolling the next two groups of six within 30 days, and you'll receive a credit equivalent to the initial group's training fee.
2. Pilot Phase (12 or more particiants) Click to learn more
  • In this phase, two or more groups of six participants can engage in the full training program. You can either conclude at this point and settle the bill for the preceding group of one or six, OR elect to progress by enrolling the next eight groups of six within 30 days and you'll receive a credit equivalent to the previous group's training fee.
3. Scaling Initiative (48 or more participants) Click to learn more
  • Here, eight groups of six individuals each undergo comprehensive training. You can opt to conclude and pay for the preceding eight groups or continue by enrolling the next eight groups of six within 30 days. As long as you maintain this momentum, you can train up to 48 individuals before deciding to halt. This structured approach ensures that you only incur costs for the training you've successfully completed, offering your organization unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

4. Expansion Strategy

  • You can further expand your training program to reach even more participants as long as the process remains consistent: complete training for the next eight groups of six within 60 days and continue as necessary without disrupting the flow. This method empowers you to manage training expenses while equipping your team with valuable knowledge and skills.

5. Sustainable Growth Model

  • Embrace this sustainable training model to guarantee ongoing professional development for your organization without the burden of hefty upfront costs. You'll only be billed for the training that has been successfully delivered, making it a fiscally responsible choice for long-term growth and success.

Two Examples:

Scenario 1:

You invite 6 people to try LeanMail in a pre-pilot. 5 of the 6 are extremely happy with the outcome, so you decide to move forward with the next 2 groups of 6. Another success, but when you decide to wait more than 60 days before training the next groups, you break the chain. In this case, you will be responsible for paying for the previous group.

Scenario 2:

You invite 6 people to try LeanMail in a pre-pilot. All six are extremely happy with the outcome, so you decide to move forward with the next 2 groups of 6. In that group, 10 of the 12 participants become LeanMail fans, so you decide to move forward with the next 8 groups of 6.  Again, a success, so you train another 8 groups of 6, and you continue until you no longer have people you would like to train. At this point, you only pay for the training of the last group you trained. This means that by keeping to the roll-out schedule, you could virtually train thousands of employees and only pay for the training of the last group, which maximizes cost-effectiveness.

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I. Pre-Pilot ​Evaluation

1. Introductory Meeting

    • Objective: Initial discussion to understand your company's specific needs and how LeanMail can address them.
    • Duration: Customized to your schedule

2. Free 45-Minute Exclusive Workshop – open exclusively to members of your organization.

    • Objective: A brief, interactive session to introduce your team to the LeanMail methodology and add-in for Outlook.
    • Outcome: Familiarization with LeanMail's core principles and benefits.
    • Facilitate: the decision to trial LeanMail.  

3. Demo + Training (3 Sessions)

    • Objective: Comprehensive demonstration and training to ensure your team is well-equipped to use LeanMail effectively.
    • Structure: Three sessions covering all key functionalities and best practices.
    • Demo + Training Payment Options:


      • Free Training Option: If you decide to continue with LeanMail, your initial training will be credited to you upon arranging a pilot of 12 participants within 30 days of the completion of the initial training.

      • No Cure, No Pay – No Risk Offer: Opt for payment only if LeanMail proves effective for your team. This requires a 20% deposit, which is refundable as long as you abide by our requirements.

      • Upfront Payment: Pay for the training and implementation for 1, 2 or a group of six participants at the outset.

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II. Piloting​ LeanMail in
your organization

Scheduling the Pilot

  • Requirement for free training: Schedule a 12-participant pilot within 30 days of the initial training and ensure particiapants follow the guidelines laid out in our no cure, no pay agreement.
  • Timeline: The pilot can take place anytime within 30 days from the end of the initial training to be eligible for the full crediting of the training.
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III. Scaling LeanMail in
your organization

Scaling Post-Pilot Alternatives:

Free Training: If the pilot is successful and you train at least 50 more persons within 30 days of the pilot, the training is free for these participants.

Within 30 days of the pilot: Choose the no cure, no pay option with the 20% deposit, or pay upfront without the surcharge.

After 30 days of the pilot: Choose the no cure, no pay  with a non-refundable 20% surcharge or pay upfront without the surcharge.

Learn how you can get the best possible offer for your teams here.

Follow-up Support:

Continuous support and guidance throughout the implementation and scaling process.

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Training and software investment
Why is there a surcharge?

The 20% surcharge ensures that our customers also have some "skin in the game". Note that the 20% surcharge will also be added in the case of no-shows.

What print-screens do they need to send?

Sending print-screens, or "the snow" as we refer to it, is an integral part of the Prioritize and Plan training. 

Each participant must send in 5 print-screens showing their progress for Prioritize and InstantArchive training, and 15 print-screens showing their "Next actions" in their inbox in order to graduate for Plan and Essentials training. (8 is the minimum to satisfy the needs of a "no pay, no cure" agreement.)

We review participants' print-screens in order to monitor their progress and send them encouraging coaching emails.  We consider this to be the most important part of the change management function of the training, and therefore we don't consider that someone has given LeanMail a fair chance if they do not send in at least the prescribed minimum number of print-screens.

Imagine someone wanting to learn how to play a simple tune on an instrument without practicing for just a few days. The results would be dismal and not representative of the learning they received.

Can I mix and match?

Yes. You can make some orders "no cure, no pay" and some where we invoice you in advance, but you can not mix the participants from the different orders.

What is the best way to go?

This very much depends on your company culture.

If you're not very sure as to whether your teams will adopt a new method, then take out the "no cure, no pay" insurance. 

If, on the other hand, you are already witnessing great success with LeanMail among your teams, orders of groups paid in advance will most probably bring you great savings.

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